Constitution & Bylaws

The name of this organization shall be “The Connecticut Chapter of the American Association of
Healthcare Administrative Management”. Also known as: “The CT Chapter of AAHAM”.
The purpose of The Connecticut Chapter of American Association of Healthcare Administrative
Management shall be to:
a) Promote and encourage the recognition of patient account management as an integral part of
the financial management in hospitals and throughout the healthcare industry.
b) To encourage the implementation of effective and efficient business and receivable
management policies and procedures in all types of health care facilities.
c) Stimulate and encourage the exchange of information among members and associates.
d) Develop and encourage the implementation of programs for the purpose of furthering the
education of and increasing the knowledge of members in the healthcare industry, including
professional certification among its membership.
e) Develop and implement such programs as may add to the knowledge and encourage the
development of persons new to hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
f) Strive to establish standards of performance for persons who participate, or are involved in
the patient account management in any healthcare industry.
g) Cooperate with other healthcare organizations, institutions and other related agencies.
There shall be two (2) types of memberships: Member and Associate Member.
a) A Member shall be an individual employed by a hospital or related healthcare facility who is
concerned with or involved in the business of management or patient account management of
the hospital or healthcare facility.
b) An Associate Member shall be an individual who is concerned with the business of patient
account management of an agency or affiliated organization.
c) The Executive Committee shall have the final authority to determine the eligibility of an
individual for associate membership.
d) Membership shall be on an individual basis and is not transferable to another individual.
The affairs of The CT Chapter of AAHAM shall be directed by the Board of Directors.
a) The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee, all Past Presidents who are
still active and the Regional Representatives.
Annual or special meetings of The CT Chapter of AAHAM shall be held as provided for in the by-
laws. (See by-laws, Article VI).
The by-laws of The CT Chapter of AAHAM may be amended, repealed or added to in the
following manner:
a) Any member of The CT Chapter of AAHAM may propose a change in the Constitution; It
shall be in writing and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for appropriate action.
b) Members shall be notified of any proposed change or changes prior to a scheduled meeting.
c) Notification shall be in writing and shall inform the voting members of the article form the
proposed changed form.
d) The article or articles to be changed shall be written for the members in present form and in
the proposed changed form.
e) Amendments, repeals or additions shall be voted upon only during regular or special
meetings of The CT Chapter of AAHAM, provided there is a quorum of Members present as
defined by the by-laws.
f) A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Members who constitute the quorum is required for any change
of the Constitution.
a) Subject to the provisions of the BY-LAWS and recommendation of the Executive
Committee, any person may become a member or an associate member of The CT Chapter of
AAHAM (hereinafter known as the Association).
b) Application for membership shall be made in writing to the Executive Committee on annually
modified application forms furnished for the purpose.
c) Membership shall not be transferable. A member who changes his place of employment shall
retain his membership for the period for which dues have been paid.
Section 1 - Dues
a) Annual dues shall be based upon the calendar year and shall be established by the Executive
b) Any change in dues shall be decided and voted upon by the Executive Committee.
Section 2 - Delinquency
a) If the dues of any member or associate member remain unpaid thirty (30) days after the final
notice has been made by the Treasurer, membership shall be terminated and notification to
the effect shall be sent by the Executive Committee to the former member. Notice will be
mailed on or about the first of January of each year for all dues remaining unpaid.
b) If the delinquent dues are paid in full within the calendar year, the delinquent member shall
be reinstated without penalty.
Section 1 - Eligibility
Only members shall have the right to vote.
Section 2 - Majority
All matters except as otherwise specified in this Constitution and By-Laws shall require a two-
thirds (2/3) vote or quorum of Members.
Section 1-Annual Meeting
Election of officers of the Association shall take place by ballot. The announcement of newly
elected officers will be made at the last meeting of the CT Chapter in the election year. New and
old business of the Association, as well as reports, shall be given at the same meeting. Notice of
the meeting shall be in writing.
Section 2-Special Meetings
Special meetings of the Association may be called either by the President or the Executive
Committee. Notice of the special meeting shall be made to the members in writing by the
Secretary prior to the scheduled date.
Section 3 - Meeting Place
The Executive Committee may designate any place within southern New England as the site of
either the annual or any special meeting. A majority of the Executive Committee must approve
the meeting place as designated.
Section 4 - Quorum
a) A simple majority of the members with voting rights, in person during the meeting, shall
constitute a quorum.
b) A majority of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the
Section 1-Composition of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee, all Past Presidents who are still
Members and the Regional Representatives. Members to the Board will be Members of both the
CT Chapter of AAHAM and the national AAHAM.
Section 2-Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the Elective Officers, immediate Past President of the
Association and President Pro-Tem.
Section 3 - Officers
There shall be four elective officers of the Association. They shall be a President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. They elective officers are to be limited to the CT Chapter of AAHAM
Members who are also National AAHAM Members. Associate Members are not eligible as
officers of the association, meaning they can not be elected to the positions of President, Vice
President, Secretary or Treasurer of the association. The president shall be employed by a
provider and shall CPAM certified.
Section 4-Chairperson of the Board
The immediate Past President of the Association shall serve as Chairperson of the Board for a
term immediately following his/her term in office.
Section 1 - Officers
The officers of the Association shall be proposed by the Nominating Committee. Only the CT
Chapter of AAHAM members who are also AAHAM members shall be qualified to hold office.
At the Association’s annual meeting a majority of members eligible to vote shall elect a
President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The powers and duties of these officers shall
be as follows:
a) President: Shall preside at all general membership meetings of the Association. Shall
be an ex-officio member of all committees, standing and special, except Nominating
Committee. Shall call meetings, execute policy and provide leadership to the members of
the Association. Shall consult with the Executive Committee and keep them fully informed
so that the programs and activities of the Association may be coordinated. Shall strive
during his/her term of office to guide the Association so as to meet the objectives outlined
in the Association’s Constitution. The President will not pay for any Association sponsored
functions during his/her term of office.
b) Vice President: Shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence. He/she
shall be the officer in charge of the membership recruitment and work with the President on
program development.
c) Secretary: Shall be responsible for correspondence, communications and the dissemination of
information to the membership and to other appropriate organizations. Shall be responsible
for any other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.
d) Treasurer: Shall be responsible for all moneys of the Association and for the disbursement
of these moneys. Shall receive and acknowledge all moneys due and payable to the
Association. Shall deposit all these moneys in an account in the name of the Association of
Patient Account Management in a depository approved by the Executive Committee. He/
she may reimburse approved expenses for business of the Association as authorized by the
Executive Committee.
The Treasurer shall account for all revenue and expenses on a monthly basis.
The Treasurer shall give a written annual audit upon change of officers or upon request of
the Executive Committee.
Section 2-Board of Directors
It shall be the duty of each Board Member to attend all Board Meetings to promote and encourage
increase in membership and the development of the Association.
Section 3-Regional Representatives
There shall be five Regional Representatives recommended by the President and approved by a
majority of the Board of Directors. The President may also recommend removal and replacement
of a regional representative which will require approval of a majority of the Board. The
Regional Representatives must be a member or associate member of the CT Chapter of AAHAM
and AAHAM.
Section 4 - Term of Office
Each of the elective officers shall be elected for and serve a term of two (2) years. He or she
shall remain in office unless he/she ceases to qualify for his /her office. The term of office shall
commence January 1. An individual member may not serve two (2) consecutive terms in the
same office.
Section 5-Executive Committee/Elected Officer Vacancies
If any officer shall, for any reason, vacate his or her office the President shall appoint a
replacement to fill the remaining term with the approval of a majority of the Board of Directors,
subject to the dual CT Chapter of AAHAM and AAHAM membership as outlined for officers.
Section 6-Chairperson of the Board
The Chairperson of the Board shall preside at all Board Meetings. In his or her absence, or at his
or her option, the President of the association shall act as Chairperson Pro Tem.
Section 1-Nominating Committee
a) The President of the Association shall appoint three (3) members to serve on the Nominating
Committee, none of whom may be officers.
b) The Nominating Committee shall nominate a slate of candidates for election at the next
annual meeting of the Association. The Committee will nominate a President, Vice
President, Treasurer and Secretary.
c) The Committee shall report to the President no later than six (6) weeks before the scheduled
date of the annual meeting the names of the candidates the Committee has nominated.
d) A voting member may make additional nominations from the floor during the annual
Section 2-Membership Committee
a) Will be chaired by the Vice President and shall solicit assistance from the membership of the
b) It shall be the purpose of the Membership Committee to report on all matters relating to
membership and to promote the increase in membership.
Section 3-Other Committees and Assignments
Education Committee, Publication Committee, Ways and Means Committee
a) The President and the Executive Committee, during their term in office, shall have the
authority to appoint special committees relative to the objectives of the Association.
b) The President and the Executive Committee, during their term in office, shall have the
authority to assign special tasks to members or associate members for appropriate study and
for action.
c) Subject to the Constitution and By-Laws, the President shall have the authority to make
appointments to all other Committees and shall appoint an Auditing Committee annually.
d) The term of all Committee Members shall expire at the end of the calendar year unless
otherwise provided for by action of the Executive Committee.
e) Associate members may be appointed to Committees and may chair the Committee.
The By-Laws of the Association may be changed, amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3)
majority of the members voting at the annual meeting or during any special meeting called for
that purpose.
a) Chapter status has been granted to The CT Chapter of AAHAM.
b) The Chapter has designated itself as “The Connecticut Chapter”.
c) 1) The Connecticut Chapter may be incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation or may be
organized as an un-incorporated association.
2) Under current IRS rules the Chapter must file IRS form 990 only when gross income is
$25,000 a year or more. Membership fees transferred to National Office are not included in
determining gross income.
d) The Constitution and By-Laws of the Chapter indicate that it is subject to and under the
jurisdiction of AAHAM and as such the Chapter’s Constitution and By-Laws do not violate
the substantive provisions or philosophy of AAHAM.
e) All Members of the Chapter shall have voting rights in The CT Chapter of AAHAM and in
AAHAM as set forth in their respective Constitution and By-Laws.
f) 1) The Chapter President shall meet with the National Executive Officers and other Chapter
Presidents at least twice per year at a place designated by the National President for the bi-
annual Board of Directors Meeting.
2) A Chapter President unable to attend this meeting may appoint one of his/her Executive
Officers as his/her delegate.
3) The Chapter President or delegates attendance at National Board meetings and the Annual
AAHAM Institute shall be paid for by the local chapter.